Welcome to ITSI-Oil & Gas

ITSI-OG is a leading fully integrated consulting and project development company that services the oil, gas and power industries especially in Africa.


ITSI-OG has been a major player in the Oil, Gas and Power industry sector for over a decade, primarily supporting the operations of well established industry leaders. In recent years, ITSI has implemented multiple backward and forward integration programs that has now positioned it as a fully integrated consulting and project development company in the oil, gas and power sectors.   


ITSI-OG has interest and core competence in three areas including:  


  • Gas Gathering and Processing.
  • Crude Oil Refining.
  • Electric Power Generation.


By leveraging a deep knowledge of the industry and strategic relationships with reputable partners ITSI-OG can assist client’s in resource challenged countries to make maximum use of scarce resources.


ITSI-OG has the expertise to provide the following services:

Oil and Gas


  • Site selection,
  • Facility design (including scale up considerations),
  • Project development,
  • Project management,
  • Equipment procurement,
  • Chemical supplies,
  • Facility maintenance,
  • Plant operations,
  • On-site training,
  • Identification/Selection of technical partners and Project financing.