Gas Gathering & Processing

ITSI-OG’s core expertise and long standing interest is in the elimination of gas flaring by using flared gas for power generation and/or conversion to Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). ITSI-OG will work with clients to determine the type and capacity of the gas gathering and processing plant that will be ideal for each situation and environment.





By leveraging a deep knowledge of the industry sector and strategic relationships, ITSI-OG will design, build and maintain integrated gas gathering and processing operations involving the gathering of flared gas from well-heads, piping to holding/storage tanks and processing to remove impurities and production of butane and propane.  

Gas gathering and processing operations can be customized to ensure that the maximum return on investment is achieved within five-years of full operation. LPG bottling plants of different capacities can be developed as stand-alone bottling facilities beside existing refineries/gas gathering projects or as a part of an integrated gas gathering and processing project. Bottling plants with capacities ranging from 300 cylinders (12.5Kg – 45Kg) to 3000 cylinders per day can be developed within 12 – 18 months.