Inspection & Monitoring Services

ITSIOG has expertise to provide the following inspection and monitoring services. Our more than 20 years combined experience spans many areas including: 


  • Corrosion Management and Integrity Assessment including Cathodic protection systems for Pipelines, Stationary structures, Tanks and Vessels.
  • Checking & monitoring of corrosion points using coupons & ER probes
  • Chemical analysis
    • Solid characterization per X-ray diffraction.  SRB count analysis.
  • Retrieval of installed existing corrosion coupons for laboratory analysis.
  • Inspection, monitoring and data collection of the ER probes using data analysis.
  • Replacement of damaged access fittings, ER probe heads (if need be).
  • Sulphate reducing bacteria counts
  • De-sludging of tanks and vessels
  • Statutory Inspection of Pressure Vessels.



Pipelines/Flowlines services


ITSIOG has a track record of providing construction / replacement of flowlines services gobally. Our expert services include:


  • Welding
  • Hot tapping
  • Sleeving
  • Pipe coating / wrapping
  • Wellhead hook-up
  • Radiography of welded joints including dye penetrant
  • Pressure testing & line flushing



Design support services


  • Engineering Design of Pipelines, Flow-lines Facilities.
  • As-built drawing preparation using the latest Autocad program.



Procurement Services


ITSIOG can assist clients procure equipment and chemicals, and arrange for the items to be delivered to the customer. By working through ITSIOG, the customer benefits from an added level of security and quality control. This means that only the highest quality product and equipment are procured, tested and delivered to the client on time, and within budget.