Crude Oil Refining

ITSI-OG has the expertise, strategic partners and track record in the petroleum refining industry to offer state-of-the-art petroleum refining solutions. With staff having 20+ years in the petroleum oil producing and refining industries ITSI-OG is well positioned to provide customized solutions on-time and under budget.

Crude Oil Diagram


ITSI-OG will work with clients to determine the type and capacity of the crude oil refinery that will be ideal for each situation and environment. ITSI-OG has strategic relationships that can be leveraged to design, build and maintain refineries with capacity to refine from 2,000 to 120,000 bpd of crude oil.

Refineries can be designed to produce gasoline, diesel fuel and fuel oil using light and heavy crude. Typically a refinery can be designed, installed and production started within 18 months. Modular, non-modular, mini and large scale refinery options are available.

ITSI-OG also provides systems for integrated refining of crude oil and production of industrial solvents, lubricants, sealants, greases and liquid asphalt.  

A key part of ITSI-OG’s business includes procurement and supply of chemicals, sealants and valves used in the crude oil producing and refining industries.